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Classroom attention


Following Student Gaze Patterns in Physical Science Lectures

David Rosengrant, Doug Hearrington, Kerriann Alvarado, Danielle Keeble

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Tracking learners visual attention during a multimedia presentation in a real classroom
 Fang-Ying YangChun-Yen Chang, Wan-Ru Chien, Yu-Ta Chien, Yuen-Hsien Tseng


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Value of teachers


The Value of Smarter Teachers: International Evidence on Teacher Cognitive Skills and Student Performance

Erik A. Hanushek, Mark Piopiunik, Simon Wiederhold

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Do Better Schools Lead to More Growth? Cognitive Skills, Economic Outcomes, and Causation

Eric A. Hanushek, Ludger Woessmann


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How professional experience influences teachers’ visual processing of problematic classroom management scenes

Charlotte Wolff, Halszka Jarodzka, Niek van den Bogert, Henny P.A. Boshuizen


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Holistic classroom


Holistic Analysis of the Classroom

Mirko Raca, Pierre Dillenbourg


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The impact of classroom design on pupils' learning: Final results of a holistic, multi-level analysis

Peter Barrett, Fay Davies, Yufan Zhang, Lucinda Barrett


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Optimise Teaching

Leveraging Eye Tracking Methods for Chemistry Education Research

Mike Stieff


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The Influence of Different Representations on Solving Concentration Problems at Elementary School

Chia-Ju Liu, Ming-Hsun Shen


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Using eye-trackers to study student attention in physical science classes

David Rosengrant


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Eye movements & cognitive psychology


 How can eye movements work as a window on mental processes?

Carrick C. Williams


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Eye Tracking in Computing Education

Teresa Busjahn, Carsten Schulte, Sharif Youngstown, Andrew Begel, Michael Hansen, Roman Bednarik, Paul Orlov, Petri Ihantola, Galina Shchekotova, Maria Antropova 


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