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Eyedea Plantagenet AB
Alviks Strand Kontorshotell, Gustavslundsvägen 143, SE-16751 Bromma (Stockholm) Sweden
Do not hesitate to ask 

As this system gives a new dimension to the world of education, we know that a lot of questions and ideas will appear. Our aim is to collect all these pieces of information and develop the system continuously, based on your suggestions. Even if your idea is out of the world of education, please let us know what you think of Eyedea System!


Grant Application Services 


Based on our own specific system solutions (and preferably enhanced within the framework of your intentions) we offer you the prospect of connecting with other potential research applicants and, when considered essential, also from a range of complementary eligible countries.

Eyedea might give you helpful insights into related research topics, and in some cases point to new areas to explore, and for these cases, also indicate where, tentatively, to find adequate funding.

When having a stake in the research project itself, Eyedea will naturally participate in writing the encompassing technical part of the proposition, besides being a talking partner for improving the concepts of the research topic.

Research is not to be construed as solely restricted to only academic ventures, but will also extend to commercial further developments and enhancements, in the shape of partnerships, supplier/purchaser, integrators, and yet more structures.

Strict confidentiality is always retained.

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